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World Cup finals 1930 to 2018 Russia FIFA history list of football winners goals soccer song mix

A list of all the football winning countries that have won the world cup finals and host nations with runners up; combined with my remix of an early music soccer song tune for the game of football with original footage for the celebration of the FIFA 2018 Russia winners matches. win the goals top of this list, video was done originally during the 2014 Brazil time now to be updated for Russia 2018 then after the FA cup final as a DJ Electro Swingable Remix.

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DJ Electro swing

Some texted and lyrics used in this video

1857 Sheffield FC England the world’s first Football Club

The Football Association and FIFA, governing bodies both officially recognize Sheffield FC founded in 1857, to be the world’s oldest football club.

1872 The world’s first international football match
Scotland 0 and England 0
Scotland introduce some new rules but going by the score possibly the penalties were not invented yet

1888, the first Football League was founded England celebrates

Same year as the Titanic
1912 world football championship final
England 4 VS Denmark 2

FIFA World cup gets going

1930 Uruguay 4 Argentina 2
1934 Italy 2 Czechoslovakia 1
1938 Italy 4 Hungary 2

World goes Mad
1942 1946
World war instead

The world cup resumes

1950 Uruguay 2 Brazil 1
1954 Germany 3 Hungary 2
1958 Brazil 5 Sweden 2
1962 Brazil 3 Czechoslovakia 1
1966 England 4 Germany 2
1970 Brazil 4 Italy 1
1974 Germany 2 Netherlands 1
1978 Argentina 3 Netherlands 1
1982 Italy 3 Germany 1
1986 Argentina 3 Germany 2
1990 Germany 1 Argentina 0
1994 Brazil 3 Italy 2
1998 France 3 Brazil 0
2002 Brazil 2 Germany 0
2006 Italy 1+5p France 1+3p
2010 Spain 1 Netherlands 0
2014 Germany 1 Argentina 0
2018 ? Now in Russia to be added

Song lyrics
Oh I do like to see a game of football
when Saturday afternoon comes around
Hip hooray when they break away
The Cheers run round the ground
Oh I do like to see a game of football
its great up on my soul
the best team wins
but all the fun begins
when our side scores a goal

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Whoa how did he know that germany won and it was 1 – 0 WOW 0_0 it was on may


Its funny that for the third time Germany and agentina for each other again at the finals


Will be Brazil the champion again this time?


Cool musical summary for football, eh soccer fans (-;


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