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Day 3 | World Cup Nagoya 2019 | #ShortTrackSkating

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ISU World Cup Short Track
Salt Lake City, USA / Nov. 1 – 3, 2019
Montréal, CAN / Nov. 8 – 10, 2019
Nagoya, JPN / Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2019
Shanghai, CHN / Dec. 6 – 8, 2019
Dresden, GER / Feb. 7 – 9, 2020
Dordrecht, NED / Feb. 14 – 16, 2020



6 comments on “Day 3 | World Cup Nagoya 2019 | #ShortTrackSkating

노도희 김아랑 태극마크가 부끄럽지 않게 최선 다하라. 넘 성의없이 하는 모습 안타깝다
이준서는 1500예선에서 아주 잘했다. 단지 안경은 그만 만져라. 집중해서 경기에만 신경써야지 매번 안경 올려 쓰려고 만지는 것이 거슬린다


"Wait! Wait!" at every camera pose is so irritating. You don't have to remind us that your country is military-culture-based country where in the beginning of every class in your schools a class leader shouts "Attention" and "Vow" and everyone shouts "Good morning, teacher." So in your country, even entering to the play field in an international event has to be executed at an exactly timed interval with verbal instruction.


8:44 여500m 준준결승 김지유 노아람 출전, 1,2위 QA
19:36 남500m 준준결승 김동욱 박인욱 출전, 김동욱 2위 QA
24:14 남500 m 준준결승 박세영 출전, 2위 QA
41:53 여1500m 준결승 최민정 출전, 아까운 3위(QB). 회복훈련차.
1:03:33 남1500m 준결승 이준서 출전, 2위 QA. 대단했다. 일본선수 반칙에걸려 주춤, 맨 하위에서 치고 올라옴
1:10:54 남1500m 준결승 박지원 출전, 2위와 큰 차이로 1위 QA
1:24:28 여500m 준결승 김지유 2 QA 노아람 3 QB
1:30:03 남500m 준결승 박인욱 1 QA, 김동욱 3 QB, 박세영 5
1:51:11 여1500 B 결승 최민정 1위
2:17:08 남1500 결승 박지원 Gold, 이준서 Silver
2:31:31 여500m 결승 김지유 Bronze
2:46:50 남500m 결승 김동욱 Bronze
3:17:12 여3000m 계주 아깝다 1위 페널티 판정
3:37:05 남5000m 계주 Silver


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

WE love to watch Your SPEED Skating COMPLETE EVENTS in 1080p !!!

They are wonderful BLISSSSS !!!

God bless you !!!!

Please, don´t stop Uploading complete events in 1080p!!!

Please, keep on uploading every complete event in World Cup, EUROPEANs and in WORLDs.

Thank you again !!!


민정이가 회복되기전까지 휴가 간다…?! 숕~트랙 볼맛안나.


◎Ladies 500m Quarterfinals
  →2:12(Heat1) 5:40(Heat2) 7:50(Heat3) 10:41(Heat4)
◎Mens 500m Quarterfinals
 →16:10(Heat1) 18:17(Heat2) 21:42(Heat3) 23:48(Heat4)
◎Ladies 1500m Semifinals
 →40:02(Heat1) 48:14(Heat2) 52:25(Heat3)
◎Mens 1500m Semifinals
 →1:03:12(Heat1) 1:09:39(Heat2) 1:14:47(Heat3)
◎Ladies 500m Semifinals
 →1:20:56(Heat1) 1:26:13(Heat2)
◎Mens 500m Semifinals
 →1:28:56(Heat1) 1:32:00(Heat2)
◎Ladies 1500m Finals
 →1:48:11(Final B) 1:55:33(Final A)
◎Mens 1500m Finals
 →2:07:19(Final B) 2:14:27(Final A)
◎Ladies 500m Finals
 →2:25:55(Final B) 2:30:45(Final A)
◎Mens 500m Finals
 →2:38:38(Final B) 2:44:13(Final A)
◎Ladies 3000mRelay Final A
◎Mens 5000mRelay Final A
◎Ladies 3000mRelay Final B
◎Mens 5000mRelay Final B


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